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everything in a razor tight race. the government reports america's unemployment rate rising in the month of october to 7.9%. 171,000 jobs added last month. that is far fewer than the 250,000 many economists say are needed each month to turn the economy around. so that is the big number we have. that's where we start. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. welcome here. morning, martha. martha: good morning bill. what a week. it is friday. welcome everybody, i'm martha maccallum. this jobs report today could be the freshest things people have in their mind in terms of a economic number when they head to the polls in a few days. this short shows it has been a very slow, sluggish recovery. the government reports real unemployment, this is the number we want to focus on, 14.6%. we say that for a good reason. that includes people that are underemployed, even people only worked one day, get counted in the underemployed, part time emed employed. some just have given up. bill: stuart varney, anchor fox business network. good morning to you. start with the more significant number you find there. what is
the dollars coming from the federal government but you will need the leadership from the individual governors and clearly mayor bloomberg and governor cuomo and governor christie can provide it. working in collaboration with the local officials. i know easy for me to say and difficult for people to accept. it will have to be a lot of patience. it will take months if not years to rebuild these communities. i encourage them to look at haley barbour model in mississippi after the katrina disaster. he took that disaster and used the opportunity to basically rebuild some of those communities. it takes planning. it takes courage and leadership. i, in fact i suspect you will find in both those states with the governors. bill: that is great example. thanks for bringing that to light. let's bring to what fox news was reporting late last night with regard to libya. a big turn now. now we have this letter that was september out a couple weeks before the attack in benghazi which clearly showed the presence of al qaeda training camps in the town of benghazi. there was a lot of concern about this. where ar
will come down yet again to one thing, the economy. >> if our government isn't leading by example then it doesn't set a good example for business to follow. bill: justin cooper runs the recycling business his great-grandfather started almost 90 years ago. his vote is all about his company. >> they said four for four years they will invest nor and more here at home and we haven't seen that. bill: cooper will vote for mitt romney. peggy shannon's cookie business is that rare example of a startup that is thrived in the great recession. after just two years, she is now moving to a larger building but the economy remains her concern. >> from a professional standard you think this is a pretty big investment. are we ever going to get our money back and i'm not sure actually but i think you have to have faith in the economy and faith in america. bill: she has a positive attitude during an election season that turned increasingly bitter even when it comes to sweets. >> when we bought put the obama cookies up we have four or five people within an hour friend us on our page. there is no winn
of the government officials are really adamant telling people to stay off the roads. of course roads like this will be impasseable for some time to come, martha. martha: you have to worry about power lines that are down. be very careful around those as well. steve, you just walked by a campaign sign behind you a moment ago and it reminds us we're just a week away from election day. you can't help but wonder what the impact will be in some of these areas as they get people back up and moving around in their communities to have any ability to get out to vote. >> reporter: it certainly changed the focus completely. actually early voting was canceled yesterday and canceled again today. so people really have gone from thinking about the election to thinking about getting their first floors dry here in ocean city, maryland. martha: steve when you take a look at the damage around you, obviously as you point out they're discouraging people from coming back to try to get a look at their property, obviously looks as though everybody cleared out of that area you're in, right? >> reporter: right. thi
, making a few comments about what he's seen and promising that the federal government will restore services and get resources to the people of new jersey as quickly as possible. as for governor christie who has been an outspoken critic of the president over the past few years, with this matter, this issue things are different. >> if the president of the united states does a good job i will praise him and if he does a bad job i will criticize him. but he has done a good job in the last few days for new jersey, and so he deserves and has earned my praise and he'll get it regardless of what the calendar says because this is much more important than politics, this is the lives of the people of my state. >> reporter: we know governor christie wants to talk to the president about the army core of evenings nearcorps of engineers coming into new jersey and restoring the shore as quickly as possible. bill: how important is this for governor romney. three stops in florida alone. >> reporter: chris stopping florida with former governor jeb bush there. it will be interesting to listen to his t
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)